We caught up with supermodel and Swarovski

Ambassador Karlie Kloss to chat about her gorgeous

new Christmas Swarovski shoot, Diversity and all

things jewelry.


Have you always been passionate about jewelry? If yes – what is your first jewelry memory?

Growing up, it was a tradition in my family to mark a special moment or milestone with a piece of jewelry. One of the first pieces of jewelry I remember receiving was from my Gram. I was an avid ballet dancer, and she gifted me a Swarovski necklace with a pink ballet slipper pennant after one of my recitals. I adored that necklace, and didn’t take it off for an entire year!

What is your favorite part of working with Swarovski?

I grew up wearing and admiring Swarovski jewelry, so it’s been an incredible experience to work with them today and to get to know the brand on a personal level. Coming from a large family myself, I really resonate with Swarovski’s strong family-driven values that have been passed down for generations. Each of its collections honors the design process that was put in place when the company began, which makes its craftsmanship so renowned.

Being a Swarovski Ambassador is a huge responsibility. How do you deal with it?

I’m a big believer in finding and keeping balance. No matter how crazy my schedule can be, I always make sure to set aside time for myself. For example, I try to use the meditation app Headspace for 10 minutes every day. I squeeze it in while I’m in a cab, in between shoots, or when I’m waiting for a flight. It helps me relax, clear my head, and stay balanced.

Describe your relationship with the Swarovski Team.

It’s been such a surreal experience getting to work with the Swarovski team. Not only is the brand itself so iconic, but Nadja Swarovski is a huge inspiration and role model for women in fashion and business.

The motto of this year`s Holiday Campaign entitles „Diversity“ – how was it for you to work alongside so many cool people as top model Naomi Campbell, music legend Boy George, Bryanboy and many more?

The holiday shoot was a blast! Having Boy George as our DJ turned the set into a giant dance party, and we spent the day decked out in crystals. Plus, I got to work alongside my close friend and mentor, Naomi Campbell. No matter how often we work together, I find I learn something new from her on set every time.

What is your definition of diversity? How do you encourage people to honor the uniqueness of each individual? 

Diversity is about celebrating our differences and equally valuing people of all backgrounds. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with people from of all over the world, and through these experiences, I’ve learned that the most creative and innovative ideas are born when you bring together as many different perspectives as possible.

Do you think we need more diversity in the fashion industry? 

We need more diversity in every industry! Promoting diversity and tolerance has never been more important, and we should continue to support and advocate for progress.


What is your favorite piece from the collection?

I love the Vittore rings in this collection. They’re really simple, chic and versatile.

Does Christmas have a meaning for you? Do you prefer to celebrate it with family or friends?

The holidays are my absolute favorite time of year! I’m constantly traveling for work throughout the year, so being able to go back to my hometown of St. Louis and be in the same place as my family and close friends is always so special. My family has a tradition of baking together during the holidays, which I always look forward to the most. We still make the same recipes I grew up with, like my Gram’s gingersnap cookies!

The perfect Christmas gift?

For me, the perfect holiday gift is spending time with my family and close friends. Being able to sleep in for an entire week is a close second!

What kind of jewelry do you wear for Christmas?

I love sweater weather, so my go-to winter look is a comfy sweater with jeans. I pair that with simple, dainty pieces of jewelry, such as a few stacked band rings and stud earrings, to pull everything together and add some subtle shine.

When it comes to jewelry, are you a minimalist or a layering type?

Definitely layers! I love mixing and matching different pieces in my collection to give my looks a wider range. It’s supposedly a fashion faux pas, but I’m a huge fan of pairing gold and silver jewelry together.

The Holiday Campaign was unveiled during Milan Fashion Week – can you describe your feelings during this moment?

Unveiling the holiday campaign during Milan Fashion week was such a special moment. Swarovski hosted an event that brought everyone together who worked on the campaign, including Naomi Campbell, Boy George, and Jourdan Dunn, as well as members of the Swarovski family. It was an incredible experience to see the finished product alongside all of the creative minds who played a part in the campaign. It felt like the holidays had come early!



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